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 treteyr & company

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treteyr troy

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PostSubject: treteyr & company   Wed Jul 28, 2010 11:25 pm

in this forum, I will create and add my old bios from other site(s)
character: mite
type: small enemy
herd/pack type [travels in groups]; yes
look/appearance: like a small solo normal navi 1, w/o an emblum
persona: none, it is a virus, unless the said one is irregularly altared/created

shockwave; same as teh mmbn shockwave attack, lv 1
normal-buster; standard blaster, lv 1
blocker; shield
area steal; copy of mmbn attack

must be battled in groups of 5+
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treteyr troy

Posts : 187
Join date : 2010-07-28

PostSubject: old style   Sun Aug 08, 2010 10:42 pm

treteyr [bio match] and others I don't want to re write so I'll copy and paste, but I'll update it w/ a twist, this is old style there is a new form which will be pasted here, but I'll be challenging w/ new treteyr, not old, unless specified
net op:
treteyr troy

shy, keeps to self, allways has somthing to do,

physical features:
age:15 yrs old
has more of an Korean build, he is a slight older looking than he really is, he also always looks like he did not get enough sleep, normally does not in the first place
favorite phrase: OBJECTION!
favorite food: filet mignon(or ribeye cut if filet is not avalable) and king crab with real hand churned butter
other; has studied and learned abt the ancent civilization of mu

date of birth; no data avalable (though past 25XX), known by him by memory
his brother is his arch rival, trent troy
comes back from 25XX to (present time in storyline) to avoid some trouble or another
was allways the smartest and equally dis-respected in most schools
one of his far off ancestors was wily, but acts, and looks nothing like him
has analysed E.M. wave change/henka-dempa merge and created many devices from this analysed knowlage
once tried to solve pii and wasted 2 years worth of his free time on this task
fully knows how to put together any (commercial, not custom made) model of PE.T and can repair transers, wave scanners, and older generation star carriers, is still learning about the hunter VGS.
has memorised most program advances, and galaxy advances, and can homebrew most terminals OSs

personal terminal:
hand made, not sponsered, approved, or known of yet by scilab
can use net op/net navi crossfusion w/o syncro chip and dementional area but digitalises user if w/o dementional area,
chip slot in is still buggy,
all chip data is auto stored on the terminal's memory but erases said analysed battle chip
can act as a chip gate (uses field battle chips w/o navi and navi related chips create the chips virus which is controled by user)
was created in 10 hours and worked on for 3 more years while salvaging parts from an electronics dump

jack/plug-in is performmed w/ these actions in this order:
1; shoots wireless transmitter/recever (if pluging in to an old device mmbn 3, 2, and/or 1 or older device)
2; wireless data transfer
3; crossfusion
4; digitalize
5; data transfer

net navi; digital treteyr troy
irregular condition: net op actually is his own navi, due to lack of memory on his MErging Terminal, come on it was made of scrap parts of old trashy PErsonal Terminals of the 22nd century and net navis are a lot larger in size than the older ones the older parts are made to accomodate and normal navis are unable to crossfuse

has armor like model A from mmzxa, except for a different color palette (blues,blacks,and darker oranges) has 2 busters like mmzxa exept that one is the generic buster, the other is interchangeable w/ other wepons [buster changing chip] it normally is the scope gun
same as net op, as they are the same person

physical features:
same hight as a normal navi
has a cloak that looks like bass's but has the same color as colonels cape
insignia/crest actually is a second person op/navi merge disengager, for failsafe reasons

use form; self dicriptive
get ability; stolen from remanents of alpha, then altered can take attacks/abillities from either navis or .navi.dmp or .navi.smp files and will take an abillity after winning a battle
hellz rolling; stolen ability, from .dump data of bass
standard buster; generic ability, distributed to all standard and (requesting) custom navis
auto area steal; automatic chip slot in, only one that is not buggy, happens on instinctive command (used only in actual storylines in out of battle situations)
voice command, slot in; d-treteyr's slot in, still a work in the making, often has glitches and bugs also fails frequently
cameo ability; can take the form of other navis if you have one of their attacks, or a data sample (from a .smp or a .dmp file)but can use only their attacks (cameo normal navi cannot use hellz rolling unless you have a battle chip for it), has a buggy/glitchy mode for viruses/bosses boss mode often has a fatal error and logs out d-treteyr
force logout; can force other navis to log out, needs actual contact, will not work if net op/terminal is unavalable, this action will not delete said navi (only used in storyline, out of battle situations/dire battle/navi is abt to be deleted situation(s))
chip steal; can copy chips used by other navis unless chips are copy protected(treteyrs equivelent of a blank chip, gains chip after battle)
scope gun; stolen from search man.dmp (man there is a lot of dump files at treteyr's disposal)
navi cross, dbl soul/chaos unison, style change; taken from a large
megaman.dmp file. uses either .dmp file or actual communion w/ navi to create a .crs or a .sol file (gained after battle w/ somone w/ their permission, only can only use one only once per battle )
beast out; stolen from grezar.alt.dmp (falzar/gregar merge) activates on instinct and when ME.T (MErging Terminal) battery is running low, slot in fully functions oddly enough, treteyr loses concousness and beast.emotion file initiates after automatically logs out (only happens in stoorylines)
auto program advance; stolen from megaman.style.custom.dmp, can turn standard chips into program advances or their dark forms (dark forms only occur w/ highest level chip in family, ex: drk sword only appears with long sword, drk cannon only appears with cannon 3, also the negative affects of dark chips do not occur when the dark chip is triggered by this effect/skill)
drk block; cannot normally use dark chip, created to prevent mental/genetic degedation while crossfused

north/south and east/west division; stolen from magnetman.dmp he can split in up to four navis and each navi has its own independent thought process If one is deleted they all die, unless the/those other 3 isolated and stabilized, all of them are need to be together if they want to log-out, used only to allow multiple netbattles that are simultaneous. if only two are created and one is finnished w/ their battle can do north/south tackle, but only under those circumstances

200% sync: used in dire situations, where navis actually are trying to delete treteyr he can activate this ability, it comes at a price at the end he either has to little power to re-materiealize, or causes major power issues in the systems power mantainence device(s). it quadruples chip, damage prevents slot in failures, increases HP 5 fold, speed dramatically more, and allows unlimited transformations, but due to the circumstances in which the activation occurs in, it cannot occur in a friendly netbattle, unless the storyline progresses to an actual, non-practice, you lose-you die battle

custom chips:
ace in the hole; throws card that explodes on impact
fire arena; every turn non-fire navi's take 50 damage
cust series; does random damage a slight variable is weather cust gauge chips have been used (full cust, slow cust, ect)
body double; treteyrs equivelent of 10x antidamage
dark fire; used to sustain napalm chaos (though weakens him after chaos reversion)
anti-***** (this is the symbol for insert text here); does 20 damage if this type of chip is used
*****-aura; absorbs attacks of same element, but inflicts 2x damage from elements the aura is weak to and removes this aura
{boss name here}; a very weak copy of the boss, inflicts damage to either or both character(s)
two person damage; inflicts equal damage to both/all people
objection/hold it; freezes time aside from the two characters concousness, then brings up dialog, normally only used in the storyline, takes up one turn
element chips; doubles/halves damage for certain elements for two of each players turns is used normally AFTER the normal attack occurs, therefor not affecting the normal attack
arm altering chips (will be notified of); changes generic wepon (known so-far; screen divide, machine blaster, fire arm, guts punch, arm laser [changes charge shot w/ laser, blaster bomb [just throws a bomb b bomb fmg=buster dmg], shotgun, sword, sniper gun (has more pow than searchman's scope gun but less accuracy))
shdw tornado; gifted to me, it sends a line of shadow tornadows @ enemy

.dmp/.sol/.smp/.sty[style] files @ his disposal
megaman.dmp (damaged)
napalm man.dmp

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treteyr troy

Posts : 187
Join date : 2010-07-28

PostSubject: Re: treteyr & company   Sun Aug 08, 2010 11:11 pm

alternate forms of treteyr (custom forms/mixed form combos) [can be used instantly]

destroyer (bug-[style type here] + 200% sync+ gaurdian form)
element; none
physical apparence; dramatic [style here] apperence
duration 3 turns rp, 1 in nb,
smiter: destroys MOST viruses instantly, drains power greatly
anger beam: duo's face attack

element; none
appearance; like a mix from mmz, has harpuia wings, fenir blaster, levethian staff, phantom's mask
duration 1 turn nb, 5 turns rp or untill final blast
shadow stalk; can appear from any shadow, but must enter a shadow first
harpuia wings [that work]
shuriken flight [can fly using shadow's large energy shuriken]
shadow stalk; can appear from any shadow, but must enter a shadow first
fenir blast; self descriptive
levetian ice dragon summon; self descriptive
harpuia spark bit; summons small spark bits, large thumb tack like cyber existances, elec element
shuriken throw; self dicriptive
final blast; thunder [aimed] comes down @ enemy, fire beam comes from fenir blaster aimed @ target, shuriken fly from the shadows and fly @ target, ice dragons come from halberd/staff goes 2 target, consumes lots of energy

cyber elf; takes on the form of a tiny "chibi" treteyr, it activates to prevent death of the real world concuss [in forum] it has no attacks, can fly and has little to no health,
back seat control; can altar the field and affect some events
cyber chip gate; can send a chip to a ally navi, if nt a solo navi, it sends an option to the net op of weather they want to accept the chip
it only exists in the rp and can only assist other navis

omega overlord;
takes the form of omega soul, 200% sync, omega-bug style and holds two layers,
outer layer;
omega from zero, first form of the final battle,
omega soul's attacks
z saber [instant]
system distortion: causes "static" or "noise" to appear in the comp, unintentional
inner layer;
takes the form of a darker zero, the original to be precise,
ground destroy/heal; causes laser to come from ground circling treteyr while healing 10 hp
chaos shot; simmilar to bass's yellow charge/ buster rake from mmbn 1&2
life shaver; z saber attack, but w/ 5 slices
note; the cyber existence of it distorts cyberspace and the mmz parallel dimension

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treteyr troy

Posts : 187
Join date : 2010-07-28

PostSubject: other people   Sun Aug 08, 2010 11:51 pm

net-op: Trent troy

physical features:

hight 5'4"
has a shorter temper than his brother

treteyr's younger brother, has always been the in-superior of his brother, he never got to know his brother well, though has always been compared with him, he normally spends his time depressed, and alone, he followed hos brother, unknowest to him.

food; none
phrase; HOLD IT!
element; invisible

terminal: merger terminal 2.1: A prototype of treteyr's experiment, the non-dementional area merging was disabled, but 200% syncro is still possible due to similarities in both of their genetic structure, also cross fusion (navi-op) was still enabled, for safety reasons

netnavi; copy-man:

given to Trent as a gift, by his brother. he has an ability similar to treteyr's navi-merging feature, was a prototype of treteyr's experimental form, that was slightly altered, and given an artificial intel

physical features:

irregular disposition; has no original form, he manifests the form of a navi's sample file he has and chooses

navi-copy; like treteyr's cameo ability he takes the form of another navi, exept its neccecare or else copy has no form and cannot attack
attack copy; can copy attacks of navis he has sample data of
independent folder; if copy loses contact w/ Trent he has a generic folder for listed circumstance only, because using it eats away at copy's HP, this was created by Trent
200% sync: same as treteyr's except that Copy and Trent's soul are in actual sync for 5 turns, meaning that they can share thoughts and can tell when the other is lying.
dimensional auto sync; does not need syncro chips for (navi-op) cross fusion, but Trent can create dimensional areas w his terminal

currently avalable files;
megaman.dmp (damaged)
bass.dmp (damaged)
norm navi (ver, 1, 2, wood, sword).smp

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treteyr troy

Posts : 187
Join date : 2010-07-28

PostSubject: bosses   Sun Aug 08, 2010 11:51 pm

boss profiles (part of all of them):


made by treteyr
damaged in the battle agenst digitman and its creator, only exists as a battle concuss, currently

appearence; like the mmz omega


claws; shoots claws at enemy, gives break damage, gives temp rising status
laser ball; shoots laser ball at target
double laser; releases its two claws shoots laser spirals, hard to dodge, combo hits are common

weak spots:

calculation; +/- (calculation type navis can bog it down w/ calculations)
head (weak spot on the body) takes x3 damage
zero navi chip (when used omega gives only dialog on its next turn)

has high HP
hates green


created with fragments of omega by trent
only battle type like omega

appearence; like mmz 1 golem

has three attacks:
ground laser; shoots laser, only from ground and 7 feet above ground
air laser; like other laser, exept with the rest of the area, and excluding the other attacks range
tackle; charges at enemy

weak spots:
sword type attacks takes x2 damage, x4 from zero-navi chip/z saber
head takes x2 damage, x4 from sword/head damage, x8 from zero/z saber on head damage
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treteyr troy

Posts : 187
Join date : 2010-07-28

PostSubject: soul/cross descriptions   Mon Aug 09, 2010 12:36 am

napalm man.dmp


fire elements

fenir cross
looks like fenir
also is breaker

elec elements;

harpuia cross
looks like harpuia
also is wind element

null elements;

phantom cross
appears to be phantom

hub sol/style
has mm like features

will update later
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treteyr troy

Posts : 187
Join date : 2010-07-28

PostSubject: Re: treteyr & company   Tue Oct 26, 2010 1:45 am

[new] treteyr troy
age: 15
height: just below 6'
weight: just above 100 lbs
favorite chips: life aura, dbl beast, sanctuary
favorite phrases: "OBJECTION!!", "Let's begin the operation"

build; Korean
favorite shirts; blank shirts [color only shirts, no designs], if not fine suits
pants; cargo style shorts, or when dressing for a fine occasion; matching pants

b/g; was born in the year 22xx and was part of the "crossfusion x" experiment, as one of the "subjects", and as one of the scientists. he has a brother, that hates him. douring the time man crisis/incident treteyr and his lab were sent to the year 20xx [present day of mmbn series] though it caused his lab to become data, though @ the time of the temporal disturbance he was in his navi form, so he survived unscathed, and he brought his fundings with him, along with his research data, and his portible labs comp [ which has all labs data, archived chip data, the now digital labs, and the experiment data] and was altered to become a private server. which is now used for all of his hosted net battles. treteyr currently lives in a warehouse/lab that he bought.

PeT model; custom, crs-x [cross x]; has all standard features of present day PeTs and some other features, including a portable navi salvage unit [used to, out of battle] repair damaged navi's that treteyr has data of, and various other functions. it also has a chip gate function.

navi: d- trey [yeah for once I'll refer to myself as trey]/ digital treteyr

of human simmilarity, though with navi style clothing on/appearance has navi features.
pack; generic, rectangular looking navi pack that has jet vernier/cyber jet capability.
helmet; has the generic shape of a standard navi helmet, but the visor is altered, half being a clear/green scope emulator [the color changes when the function changes], the other side being clear.
cape; that is ragged, yet has the powers of invisibility, but the user is blind while using the cape's power, cape appears to have a constantly changing color palette.

critical activate; activates one of the critical skills/abilities once hp has dropped in a critical amnt [1 hp- 15% hp] .
scope sattilite; launches sattilite that gives the buster the scope extension, can only be hit w/ arieal based attacks, simmilar to floating enemies and searchman's satellite.
speed up; moves 3x speed if not 8x if activated by critical activate, is a critical skill, lasts for 2 turns.
bugcust form; salvaged style change code, it has traits of "cust" and "bug" styles, always has one bug affecting user, and if accessed by critical activate will allow "irregular" extension chips to be used [ex; arm change extension, certain + pow chips and some crossover chips] has no time limit, but is weak to crossover chips/chips affected by crossover extension chips [takes x4 damage]
forced logout [rp only no nb usage]; logouts another navi when physically, err digitally contacting trey/treteyr when using this, has no damage value behind it

buster shot/generic buster: shoots a buster shot
slot in: chip slot in from a large chip data server, if not, from a built in chip deck
chip/ability gate; can offer ally an ability/chip, only used in a tag battle/rp

crossover chips include chips like batcannon, and other chips gained by a crossover of some sort
[navi is specialized crossfusion w/ navi data, no actual navi is used]
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PostSubject: Re: treteyr & company   

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treteyr & company
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