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 Bio Setup and Example

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PostSubject: Bio Setup and Example   Wed Jul 28, 2010 11:20 pm

The things that needs to be posted:
OP name:
OP bios:(backstory and appearance)
Netnavi name:
Netnavi Bios:(same as above)
And any extra info that you want to post.

For example, here's my Bios

Op name: Joe

Op Bio: Joe is a fifteen year old boy who works for an unknown organization. The organizations gives each member a code name based on the Greek Alphabet, and Joe's was Omega. After beating his first net battle tournament with ease, a man that went by the name of Sigma pulled him aside from the celebration ceremony and brought him to the organizations head quarters. Then he was given a program to put on his navi. He later put the program on his navi and let it install. the next morning he woke up and he was in the organization head quarters again. the guy named sigma brought him to the meeting room where he met the organizations leader Alpha, and his two new navis, pulseman and veil.

Navi: Veil and Pulseman

Navi Bio:

Pulseman: Electric navi. A nice friendly navi who likes to have fun. He doesn't normally get serious about anything, but when in extreme situations, he's one of the most serious guys you'll ever see. I'm not good at describing looks, so I made a sprite for it.

That sprites old, and I still gotta make a better version of it, but thats pretty much what pulseman exe looks like.

Volt Eccer: Pulseman turns into a ball of lightning and shoots across the area, bouncing off walls. He's able to make sharp 90 degree turns in this state.

Volt Arrow: Pulseman shoots a lighting arrow at his opponent

Volt Blade: A lightning bolt shaped blade materializes in his hand which he uses to attack with

(all "Volt" attacks require pulseman to charge up electricity through his body)

Abilities: N/A

Forms: N/A
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Bio Setup and Example
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