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 Lana The Sweetheart Alchemist

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PostSubject: Lana The Sweetheart Alchemist   Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:07 pm

Name: Lana

Occupation: Alchemist

State Certified: Yes

Description: She has wavy brown hair that goes down to her shoulders, and silver eyes. She's 17 years old, and is an average height for her age. When ever she's on duty, she wears her amestris military uniform, but when she's off, she usually wears some sort of t-shirt and jeans, nothing fancy. She has a ring that she always wears on her right hand with a transmutation circle inscribed on it, and she uses that for her alchemy. She's always kind and loving. Well, almost always. When ever she needs to be, she'll lose her usual kind and loving personality and replace it with a focused, more determined one, but that's only when she needs to.

Special Skills: studies mostly in the field of alteration, but she also dabbles in medical and bioalchemy.

Back Story: Lana started studying alchemy when she was just a little girl. She transmuted a doll and showed her parents, once she saw the look of pride on their faces, she was determined to continue studying alchemy. She studied and trained for years, then signed up to join the military as a state alchemist. She wasn't excepted on her first try at the exam, nor the second, but on the third time, they finally let her be a state alchemist. She was given the title of "The Sweetheart Alchemist" matching her usual personality.
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Lana The Sweetheart Alchemist
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