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 Daisuke the Flaming Sword Alchemist!

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PostSubject: Daisuke the Flaming Sword Alchemist!   Sun Oct 03, 2010 1:00 am

Name: Daisuke

Occupation: Alchemist/Swordsmen

State Certified: None

Description: 15 years old with long black hair half way past his eyes and long to his neck in the back he wears a red cloak with a hood. Daisuke also wears black boots and a black t-shirt and black pants also carrys a sword in a sheath on his back. The sword is just a normal sword but has a transmutation circle on the handle

Special Skills: Able to use a sword

Back Story: Daisuke woke up in a log cabin in the forest when he was 10 years old but when he awoken he could not remember anything. Daisuke always wanted to be a swordsmen ever since he woke up in the forest and found the sword on the wall of the cabin but when he was 12 years old he found out about alchemy while going though a couple of old books he found in the cabin he started to study up on alchemy it was so bad he would starve himself everyday because he could not stop training or reading a book but one day he wanted to combine both so he took some paint he made himself and made a transmutation circle on his swords handle he then started to focus and suddenly his sword brust into flames and Daisuke droped the sword but he tried to touch it again but the sword's handle did not burn him if just felt like some werid kind of energy but when Daisuke tried to use his sword on a tree the whole thing caught on fire! After about three more years Daisuke made up his mind and started to travel the world and learn more about being a swordsmen and a alchemist.
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Daisuke the Flaming Sword Alchemist!
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