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 Daisuke and Pyro

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PostSubject: Daisuke and Pyro   Sun Oct 03, 2010 12:42 am

OP name:Daisuke Kuriyama

OP bios:Daisuke is 15 and he is half way though his first year of high school but he has alot of stress and anger problems when it comes to school he hates being told what to do by all his teachers. Daisuke wishes he could just drop out but his strict parents won't let him he is not very social so he sits by himself the whole time at school but when he gets home he never talks to anyone just rush's upstairs to his room and starts to try and cause trouble on the net like spreading viruses and what not to make him feel like he is in charge. While making this viruses a Navi appears with a long wide sword which he is holding with his right hand and laying his left hand on the sheath near his stomach and he says "If you want to cause real trouble join me these little viruses can't do anything that I can..." And so Daisuke and the unknown Navi join each other and Daisuke hides the fact that he has a new Navi. Both the Navi and Daisuke start to become very close seeing as how they both loved the same things and hate taking orders from others besides each other.

OP Appearance:Blue eyes and black long hair that goes down a little past his eyes and at the middle of his neck in the back he is 5'9 so he is rather tall and only weighs about 120 pounds. He wears black pants and a red shirt and a black coat most of the the time. The only reason for the coat is to make a pillow for when he wants to sleep in class but he wears it so much he forgets when he is even wearing it so he never takes it off.

Netnavi name:Pyro

Netnavi Bios:Pyro is a Navi who was made to be good and protect the net from weak little viruses. He was just called Navi 1084 at the time but he started to hate how his skills were being wasted on little viruses he knew he could do better and if the side of good would not let him show his skills he would go on the side of evil. The first thing he did was deleted two other weak Navis who attempted to stop him from leaving. Once he left and hide for a awhile on the Net he started creating things and perfecting his abilities he created a sword for himself that he had to carry it was not made into his arm when he was training one day he saw the making of viruses and started to been back his memories of being on the good side so he quickly rushed over to them and that's how he met Daisuke. Pyro was given his name by Daisuke because he thought he needed a evil sounding name that was really cool.

Netnavi Appearance:He has a red cloak with a hood on and white armor under it. On his shoulder he has the name Navi 1084 he wears the red cloak because the armor can not be removed. Pyro used to have a helmet but he manged to tear it off. He has black hair it is only down to the top of his eye he also bears his sheath left of his stomach most the time he does not even use it because he carries his sword as he walks around which lays on his sholders. He also has blue eyes. During the fight with slicerman when Pyro first used Fire Sword a emblem appeared on his chest showing that he was a true navi the emblem had two swords making a X in the middle with a black background the right sword was red and the left was blue.

Sword Slash Attack: Makes Pyro rush to his enemy at his emeny with his big sword behide his back when he gets close enough he pulls it upwards and down trying to Slash the enemy at one of his limbs or chest.
Fire Sword: This is not a attack its just a skill that boost the damage of Pyro's sword what he does is stabs the sword into the ground and starts to focus this takes around 15 or 45 seconds for him to do depending on whats happening at the time like if he is being attacked it takes longer he then pushs his energy into the sword starting a flame/aura around the sword. This does have some drawbacks like he can only hold it for about 3 minutes with the little bit of training he has so far with this skill maybe later he perfects the skill so there is no time limit also if he is attacked while charging this all energy is lost and he cannot do it but he can try as many times as he likes (This skill also raises speed and strength)
Fire Twister: (This skill requires Fire Sword to be active) With this attack Pyro jumps into the air points his sword at his opponent then starts to spin the sword in a circle quickly that forms and sends a twister towards his opponent. The Drawback for this skill is Pyro loses the rest of the time he had left for his fire sword so he only uses it as a finisher
Sword Throw: This attack Pyro throws his Sword at the enemy and quickly runs behide it so if the enemy attempts to jump out of the way Pyro can grab it while in the air and attempt to slash his enemy
Fire Punch: This skill is sort of weak notting compaired to his sword attacks but with this attack Pyro can quickly gather a small amount of energy inside his hand which ignites into flames while close to his enemy he then pulls back his fist then slams his opponent anywhere in the body he wants. There is no real downsides to this skill since it is so weak
Fire/Water/Elec/Bamb Sword attacks: -(Chips need to be activated before being able to use their attacks.)- All of this have one main attack Fire Sword has Flaming Slash Water has Aqua Slash Elec has Volt Slash And Bamb has Earth Slash Each one is mainly the same expect different elements
(Looks kinda like this but each element has different colors like fire is red etc. *Points to Ichigo gif image* ^_^)

Virus Summon: Pyro can summon viruses to stall the enemy while Pyro attempts to charge a attack or his transformation
Bunnys :
Spikeys :
Swordy :
Scuttlest :
Everything under bunnys can only be summoned once each time you summon one it brings out 3 of the kind of virus or in Scuttlest case 5
Also Pyro can not attack while they attack (Cause that would be way over powered Surprised) Pyro also does not try and protect the viruses
(Most of the time Pyro does not even summon them unless they are the element weakness for one of his enemys really he thinks viruses are a waste of time)
Chip Installment: Daisuke has the ability to install or slot in chips into Pyro's sword snice he was made by the local police was never given the ability to use chips. The sword can only use chips that deal with the sword like cyber sword that would just make it strong same with wide and long sword but with fire sword and elec sword change the element and the power But with the elements comes weaknesses like his fire element would be weak against water unlike his fire sword skill. There is some chips though that don't do anything to the sword but can still be used like cracking the floors and fire and grass stages etc. (All Chips can only be used once expect for ones that are used for program advances they can be used once in battle and once for Program advances])
Sword Program advances: Pyro's sword can only use three program advances Life sword, Elemental Sword and Master Style. Pyro can only use each Program Advance once because if he used it anymore then that his sword would not be able to handle it all
-(All Program advances do take chips to use.)-
Life Sword - (Cyber Sword -Wide Sword -Long Sword ): Pyro's sword starts to grow and glow sky blue it has a large range of attack and most standard swords can not block this sword
Elemental Sword - (Fire Sword -Water Sword -Elec Sword -Bamb Sword : Pyro charges at his enemy with his sword on fire then strikes once he hits the sword reforms and water aura forms around it after that it reforms to thunder which changes the sword yellow with thunder sparks coming off of it and the last one is earth which turns the sword green and weigh more so when the finishing slash hits him he will fall to all the weight
Master Style - (Salamander -Daifunsui -Thunderbolt -GaiaBlade ) : Pyro's Master Style is different from Megaman's Pyro's makes three clones appear of Pyro each with a different element sword they can all attack at once or one at a time depending on whats happening. This Program advance does have a time limit of one minute (Can only attack on the same post as the one it is created)

Forms:Pyrotype (A transformation)

How to get the form: Pyro takes his sword and points it to his chest he must start to charge the energy inside his sword which takes a minute or two when Pyro is charging his energy a white aura forms around his sword the darker it because the more it is charging so when it turns gray it is half way done and once it turns black it is ready so when that happens Pyro stabs himself in his chest and a giant ball of black energy forms around his body sort of like a shield after a few seconds the shield deforms and pyro is transformed into Pyrotype

Form Appearance:His hair is as long as Daisuke's but it turns white his eyes turn red and Pyrotype's cloak turns black his armor is still there but the color is red now and Pyrotype has 2 swords left one with a red sheath and the right with a blue one

Forms Attacks:
(Pyrotype can use all the skills he has as Pyro also)
Fire/Water Swords: (Red Aura forms around fire sword and Blue Aura around the water sword) This is basically the same as Fire Sword but he stabs both the swords in the ground and focuses his energy it takes 30 seconds or 60 seconds depending on what is happening at the time so he will need a little bit of back up to prevent him from being attacked if attacked he loses all his energy but can try again at any time this upgrade makes his swords alittle stronger then Fire Sword did but also opens the door to new skills
Fire Water Tornado: (This can only be used when Fire/Water Swords have been actived) This Skill combines both skills Pyrotype jumps up into the air and holds both his swords out and starts to spin he starts to form a red/blue tornado Pyrotype then jumps out of it though the top and half way to the ground swings his sword towards the Torando launching it anywhere he wants
Freeze And Melt: This is a finisher for Pyrotype he rushs towards his opponent and his Water Sword's aura disappears but turns blue Same for the Fire Sword but it turns Red once he gets close enough he slashs with his fire sword then his water sword creating a giant X on the body of his enemy

EM Form:Pyroman

EM Form Appearance:Pyroman has the same appearance as Pyrotype really but only one real change his cloak turns gold

EM Form Bio:After hacking into a stores comp Daisuke stole a advanced PET that he only grabbed because it was black with red flames on it well when after he got the PET the police showed up but Daisuke was smart enough to wear his hood over his head so they never saw his face so when the police came Daisuke started to get scared and feelings transfered to Pyro and he said "Daisuke your not going to be stoped from this little rent-a-cops are you?" Daisuke then bites his lip as he says "No I'm not..." Daisukes PET then started to glow and the words EM change activate Daisuke then raised the PET into the air and shouted "EM Change PyroMan Activate!" A gold aura formed around Daisukes body as he transformed into the mighty Pyroman something was wrong though Daisuke could not control this awesome power the police started to run as they watched him transform Daisuke then suddenly grabed his head as he slowly walked into a ally and defused. Daisuke sitting on the floor looked at his new PET and says "This new power.... I can do anything now that I have it...." he then walked home with a grin on his face the whole time

EM Form Attacks:
(He has all the attacks from Pyro and Pyrotype and one new one)
Super Nova: Pyroman takes off his cloak and puts his swords and sheath on the ground and then jumps into the air he then puts his arms out with his plams open and his legs speard out he then trys to concentrate his body and a red arua forms around him this takes about five minutes to charge but when it is ready a giant ball appears around Pyroman and starts to spread out destroying everything in its path with its heat the major draw back to this skill is when he uses this skill it defuses pyroman and sucks out all of Daisukes strength leaving him wide open

(Moved From Chrono X fourms to here to be used for RP here Razz)
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Daisuke and Pyro
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