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 Net and MeteoriteMan

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PostSubject: Net and MeteoriteMan   Tue Aug 17, 2010 4:10 am

NetNavi name: MeteoriteMan
NetNavi Biography: One day, a scientist named Dr. Regal founded the evil syndicate Nebula. Nebula threatened the world twice, but both efforts were put to a stop by a team, Lan and MegaMan. Dr. Regal was soon the leader of a dark syndicate of criminals who threatened the world, twice. The world trembled in fear whenever it heard of the name Nebula. To this day, Nebula no longer exists. But, before Regal became the leader of Nebula, he created two very powerful dark NetNavis. LaserMan and MeteoriteMan. Both were created for the cause of evil. LaserMan became evil-hearted, and attempted to destroy earth. However, being the prototype Navi, being created before LaserMan, Regal failed to make MeteoriteMan an evil-hearted Navi. MeteoriteMan resisted Regal's orders to destroy the world, so Regal created LaserMan. LaserMan was yet another dark powerful Navi. By Regal's orders, LaserMan and MeteoriteMan fought a battle to the end in a man-made meteor computer. Caught off guard, LaserMan fired his LaserBeam at MeteoriteMan, and MeteoriteMan's body got blown away in two pieces, his pieces flew through space, whereabouts unknown.

Operator Name: Net
Operator Biography: One day, a couple years after the event between MeteoriteMan and LaserMan, Net, a kid who loved space, was traveling through space with his dad. Net found the remains of MeteoriteMan, which the two pieces were not far from each other. Net's dad was good with machines and parts. Net picked up the two pieces, and showed them to his father. Net's father messed around with the two parts hours after hour. MeteoriteMan's design was quite complicated. The next morning, Net's dad fixed the navi, and it somehow got disappeared into Net's PET. Dad presented a new navi to Net. The navi was resting. Later he woke up. Net spoke to the navi. "Who are you?" MeteoriteMan replied, "I... I'm MeteoriteMan. Where are we?" "We're in space... I found your pieces laying on the ground." MeteoriteMan stood quiet for a moment. "How did I end up in space?" ...Net didn't know the answer to that. MeteoriteMan was lost in thought for several minutes. Than he remember, LaserMan had finished MeteoriteMan with a blow from his LaserBeam in battle that they had. His pieces flew into space, and now, here he was... With Net, and it was meant to stay that way.

After being with Net for a long while, in a few years of friendship, the remaining darkness that resided in MeteoriteMan disappeared... But the strength only grew more powerful.


MeteorBash: MeteoriteMan fires several meteors at his opponent. The meteors cause great destruction to the ground.

GiantMeteor: MeteoriteMan launches a very huge meteor at his opponent.
Forms: Only one
Element: Breaker

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Net and MeteoriteMan
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