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PostSubject: Stuff   Wed Aug 04, 2010 8:48 pm

Rockman_Lite.EXE is my modification of Rockman.EXE, He has no shadow so Dark Chips can't hurt him, he can't perform Chaos Unison, & he can't use Dark Chips.

As you can see, Rockman_Lite.EXE has a shield, but he dosen't use it for defense, he uses it like a Dasher Battle Chip.

If you were to fight Rockman_Lite.EXE in the dark his sword would be glowing brightly, it would enable Rockman the make his sword use a Blinder effect on the enemy.

His buster is quite strong, but the buster itself is heavy reducing his movement & buster speed.

Here are the sprites.

(I might keep working on Rockman_Lite and add more to this some other time)

A Blue Protoman w/ a M-Buster (Megafan21 requested this)

A "Custom" Battlefield (Megafan21 Also requested this)

SlicerMan V3

Ricardo's PET for SlicerManV3:

AssassinMan.EXE, One of my real life friends navi's I made for him

New stuff.

SlicermanV4 + New Navi Symbol & PET.

Oh and I got bored this morning, so a little background info on my thoughts as I made each version of SlicerMan.(Pic is somewhat big so I put a link)

Random .gif stuff

(Omegachaos made the original sprite of Veil, I just animated it)

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