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 Omega's Bios

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PostSubject: Omega's Bios   Thu Jul 29, 2010 2:14 pm

Name: Joe

Occupation: Alchemist

State Certified: No

Description: I'm am terrible at describing appearance, so I made a sprite for it =P

He has an automail right arm, and a transmutation circle is carved into the palm of his right hand.

Special Skills: Basic alchemy. Mostly transmuting things from stone or metal.

Back Story: Joe is 16 years old, and a pretty decent alchemist. When he was 14 however he was in a train accident on his way to eastern city with his parents. Both his parents died in the accident and Joe lost his right arm. The military came in as soon as they could and gathered the survivors. All of the survivors were sent to the hospital. Joe was passed out for a few days after the accident, and he woke up with bandages covering the area where his arm used to be. He sat in the hospital for a week or so, then was released. Joe made his way to rush valley, where he found a mechanic to build him his new right arm. After going through rehab, Joe engraved a transmutation circle on the palm of his right hand.
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Omega's Bios
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